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Georgia Fowler Goes Shirtless Under Chic Leather Jacket In New Magazine Cover – The Inquisitr

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Georgia Fowler shared a new Instagram update with her fans today. It revealed that the model was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Turkey. She was seen going shirtless under a chic leather jacket.

The jacket mixed traditional designs with contemporary elements. The lapels, for instance, were a very classic style. However, her shoulders added a bit of glam. They were exaggerated and added a feminine touch. Meanwhile, Georgia went shirtless underneath. This left a hint of her cleavage showing, but much of her midriff was obscured by shadows.

In addition, her belt peeked through in the shot. It was white with gold, ornate buckles. The tags suggested that her outfit was from Versace.

The Victoria’s Secret model glanced up at the camera with a fierce expression on her face. She placed her hands in her pants’ front pockets. She wore her hair down in a middle part and brushed it behind her left ear. This drew attention to her large earrings, which were gold with a bejeweled, geometric design.

Meanwhile, the beauty wore striking eye makeup. It included dark liner on her lower lids, which were emphasized with dark purple shadowing. More of the same dark color was applied to her upper lids in a soft, cat-eye shape.

Georgia pouted slightly in the shot, and her lips were done in dark lipstick. Plus, her cheekbones were highlighted with a heavy blush.

The backdrop of the cover was a neutral gray tone. This added to the dramatic vibe of the image. However, there was a pop of color, thanks to the magazine’s name written across the top. They opted for a bright purple tone that jumped off the page.

Fans took advantage of the comments section to send their compliments to the model.

“Congrats G!!!!” exclaimed a follower.

“I love omg,” declared an admirer.


“YESSSS,” gushed a fan.

“Smoldering,” wrote a fourth Instagram user.

Georgia also revealed the photographer in the captions — Jack Waterloo. He is based in New York. She also tagged Bobette Cohn, who is a stylist and fashion editor.

Recently, the bombshell unveiled more photos from a magazine cover photoshoot on December 22. This time, she was featured in an issue of L’Officiel Italia Magazine. Georgia opted to share a couple of images that were found inside the magazine. They depicted her wearing vintage-inspired outfits. The black-and-white photos showed the beauty in just lingerie and also in a dress. She posed inside a dimly lit hallway and appeared to be mid-stride.

Source – Google