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Sustainable Partnership in the Leather Raw material Industry

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On 2nd October 2019, during Lineapelle exhibition, UNIC Italian Tanneries has organized the national workshop “Sustainability partnerships in the leather industry: focus on raw material”, in the “Social Environmental Reporting 2020” program, with the support of the European Commission. Aim of the workshop was to illustrate the strategies the supply chain is implementing in order to give some reassurances on the sustainable sourcing of raw material related to: animal welfare, described through international regulations and standards and specific conditions in some crucial markets, traceability, with the presentation of some case studies and the main certifications available, deforestation, with the presentation of an important initiative promoted by the sector, and quality of the supply chain. By giving a positive image of the tanning industry, the Social Partners aimed at supporting the sector and maintaining its employability. Several national and international speakers, including universities and research institutes (Università degli Studi di Milano, North American Meat Institute), certification entities (ICEC, LWG, CSCB), sectoral bodies and representatives (Cotance, UECBV European Livestock and Meat Trading Union, USHSLA, Camera Arbitrale Pelli), NGOs (NWF), supply chain companies and trade unions, dealt with the issues on the agenda with a combination of presentations and panels of discussion. The tanning industry represents a virtuous example of sustainable industry and its commitment toward sustainability starts from the supplying of raw materials, an increasingly strategic point in the light of the growing attention of the market. Over 120 Italian and foreign participants attended the event, including tanneries, raw material suppliers, sectoral press, consultants and many leading fashion brands. The presence of such a qualified audience proved once again the great interest in CSR issues by the entire leather supply chain. National trade unions (FILCTEM-CGIL FEMCA-CISL UILTEC-UIL) were also present. They reaffirmed the fact that for many years, through many joint initiatives, UNIC has been focusing its attention on the sustainability of the whole supply chain starting from the supplying of raw material, which the tanning sector recovers, improves, restarts, rebuilds and ennobles. Consumers are increasingly asking for reassurance on both the environmental and social sustainability of the products they buy. This new attitude and, therefore, the growing attention to corporate social responsibility has a huge impact on the economic system, the market and consequently on sales and employment.

Source – Lineapelle